Round 37 – SHH 4th of July – Best Of – Solid Glitter – 4th Navy

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  • This round will close on February 21, 2021 at NOON CST and the order will be placed with the printer by February 26!

Fabric Details 

  • Cotton Spandex – 95% Cotton/5% Spandex, approx 230-240 GSM and 58/60″ WOF
  • Swim with UV Protection of 50 – 80% Poly/20% Spandex, approx 250 GSM and 57/58″ WOF
  • Boardshort – 100% Polyester, approx 120 GSM and 57/58″ WOF
  • French Terry – 95% Cotton/5% Spandex, approx 280 GSM and 58/60″ WOF
  • Poplin – 100% Cotton, approx 140 GSM and 58/60″ WOF

Cut Options

  • Yards – Cotton Spandex, French Terry and Boardshort is ONLY sold by the yard.  Swim is also available by the yard.
  • Fat Half – Available in SWIM only

Watermarks are NOT printed on the fabric.  Watermarks are shown only in our stock images to protect ourselves and other artists that we collaborate with from intellectual property rights violations. Please make note that any prints that are listed as glitter, lace, denim, etc….are NOT in fact real glitter or real lace or real denim.  All textures are printed effects.  There is no actual real glitter, metallic components or actual lace or denim substrates within our fabric.  

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Cut Options

Yard, Fat Half