Shop Policies

Welcome to Spunkin Honeyhead Custom Designs! We are excited to have you here with us and thank you for your interest in our custom fabrics!

Currently we offer 2 options for you to pay for your pretties…first as always there is PayPal…but we are super excited to now be offering both PayPal Pay in 4 and Sezzle as options! These payment options are both great, b/c you can choose to pay in 4 low, 0% interest free installments… and there is zero cost to you in doing so, because we incur those fees on your behalf!

We are accepting preorder requests in half yard increments across all substrates. Please be sure and read the production description sections for instructions on how to place incremental yardage orders over 1 yard.

All fabric is designed by the use of either original artwork designed specifically by us, clip art, or seamless graphic designs that we have purchased legally and have permission to use commercially. While we do our best to try to be unique, you may find other groups running the same or similar designs as we are….both concurrently or at different times. This is going to happen….as some of our favorite artists are open to the general public and sell their designs to whoever wants to purchase them. If you see us run something that someone else has run…’s b/c they too have purchased the art work. That being said however, you will NEVER see us running licensed or trademarked prints, unless we have in fact purchased said license with the originating owner of the art work. That being said, if you are looking for character prints (as well as “inspired” prints) such as Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, etc, etc…you will never find those here. Those companies do not grant small businesses licenses in order to print their characters/logos, and even if they did, no one could afford it, as the cost of these licenses are tens of thousands of dollars. Those shops that are printing them, are doing so illegally, and are not only jeopardizing themselves, but also putting their customers at risk when purchasing them.

PreOrder Fabrics cannot be combined with Retail Fabrics for shipment. As well, retail fabrics coming from Laura’s Inventory and Marian’s Inventory, can also not be combined. The reason for this is purely logistics….we live about 3.5 hours apart…and we take turns processing rounds as they come in. We can never guarantee who is getting what round, so holding retail fabrics to ship with a pending preorder would be impossible, as we would never know until it’s shipped that your preorder is going to the same place as that in which your your retail fabrics were purchased. Same goes with retail purchases….if you purchase retail from both of our inventory categories…those will need to ship from 2 different locations, therefore will need to be placed as 2 separate transactions. Please process pre order purchases and retail purchase (if from both Marian and Laura’s Inventory) as separate transactions as we cannot combine the two.

Our fabric is printed and shipped from overseas. We are expecting an “approximate” 4-12 week processing time AFTER the time in which we get the order placed with the printer (NOT the date the round actually closes)…currently we are averaging about 5-7 weeks. 🙂 We will always keep you updated on where we are in the process. This update will be done in our FaceBook Group, so be sure you are a member there and have your notification settings enabled to “ALL POSTS”. Please note that there are several holidays during the year in which our printer…and all other printers…close for extended periods of time. If a preorder falls within one of these holidays, please anticipate our average turnaround to be a little bit longer.

Once fabric arrives, we do our best to get it cut and shipped out to you as fast as we can….typically we can get it inspected and cut down in about 3-4 business days, and then another 1-2 business days for packing and label processing. However, please note that during holidays or on huge rounds….this process could take a a bit longer, therefore our policy allows for a 1-2 week shipment processing turnaround.

We have done a ton of research to find the best bases! We love the bases that our printer users! Please take note however that the base may slightly change from shipment to shipment… will always be within the GSM range stated on the listings, but printers source fabric base from multiple suppliers….one supplier’s base may feel/look slightly different from another supplier’s fabric base. While we aim for base consistency, we cannot always control which supplier’s base they print our rounds on… if one round comes feeling/looking one way and another round comes just a little bit different….the reason is due to a different supplier. As long as it’s within the same weight range….this is considered acceptable.

Knit fabric typically WILL shrink to some degree during the laundering process….please account for some amount of shrinkage when you are placing your orders. 

In the custom printing world flawed sections of fabric are common and will likely occur on about 3-8% of the total yardage that we order. We are hypersensitive about inspecting every yard we cut and ship out to our customers, but there could be a time where something gets missed. We are human….and imperfect as much as we would like to not admit it.  😉

Small white/black flecks/spots are common and are part of the normal printing process…unless this flecking covers a large area of your yardage…this is not considered a flaw and will not be grounds for refund/exchange. Heathering of colors is very common…especially on certain colors. Heathering is NOT considered a flaw. Bleeding of colors to the back side of the fabric can also occur as part of the normal printing process….and as long as that bleeding to the backside does not alter the intended design on the front….this will not be considered a flaw. Random smudges/ink marks are also very common…that being said…any flaw that is within 6” of either selvage or 2” of either cut line, will NOT be considered grounds for replacement or refund. In the event that you find an actual flaw (either in the fabric itself or in the printing) inside of these parameters that is LARGER than 1” in circumference, please contact us via email or private message. If you locate a hole in your fabric that is not within 6” of the selvage or 2″ of the cut line…that WILL be considered flawed regardless of the size of the hole and will be grounds for exchange (assuming that we have remaining fabric to replace it) or refunded back to your PayPal account. Exchanging will always be the default unless we are totally sold out of that particular print. 

All flaws must be reported, via email or messenger, within 5 business days following delivery confirmation of your order and must be done PRIOR to being washed, cut or manipulated in any fashion. Once fabric has been washed, cut or manipulated, your ability to return for exchange/refund is null and void, UNLESS prior authorization was given by us to attempt to wash. 

We attempt to depict the true colors in our file images and of course with our strike tester seamstresses photos. However, please keep in mind that images are just that….and there could be color variations in the actual fabric vs images…and that difference could be up to about 15%. This is due to how your screen portrays colors AND/OR changes that occur both naturally and unnaturally during the photography process (lighting, editing, etc). Variations in color between images of the fabric and the actual fabric is NOT considered a flaw. As well…..5-15% color differences are a normal part of the printing process….and can occur not only with each round, but sometimes on each roll. While we aim for color consistency….we can not guarantee that if you order a yard of fabric preorder and then a yard later in retail that they will be the EXACT same shade/color….bottom line….color variations will not be grounds for refunds/exchanges. ****PLEASE MAKE NOTE*** SWIM fabric is a completely different base than Cotton Spandex. Our swim fabric is a poly/spandex matte with a UV protection…..and absorbs colors completely differently than cotton spandex. You can expected to see the SWIM fabrics come in lighter than the cotton spandex. This is the nature of the fabric….cotton spandex absorbs colors better than poly spandex. Color variations due to absorption of color on the fabric base is NOT a flaw or error and will not be grounds for refund.

Our fabric comes to us on very tightly wound rolls. We cut the yardage directly off of these rolls. After the cutting process, fabric tends to relax over time. We do take this relaxation into account when we are cutting (we typically will cut a yard at 38” rather than 36”), but over a period of time the fabric can (not always) relax even further creating a shortage of about 1-2” per yard….it’s the nature of knit. Any fabric shortage that you find OVER 2” per yard, must be reported within 5 business days from your delivery confirmation and if verified we will refund the missing inches back to you on a prorated basis. After this 5 day period, we will not be responsible for refunding yardage shortages. Again….fabric must have NOT been laundered prior to reporting a shortage. 

We currently offer Pay Pal Pay in 4 AND Sezzle as an option for you upon checkout! These options are great…as once you set up your account with them…you can pay off your purchase in 4 installments…however once our fabrics arrives we have been fully paid so your order will ship along with everyone else!

We do NOT process refunds or returns on any preorder or retail fabrics. Preorder fabrics are ordered specifically for you. Once you order…they are yours. We do not accept fabric to be returned. If there is an issue with your fabric outside of the parameters we have described above as NOT being flawed/damaged, we will work with you to either exchange or discount for flawed/damaged sections….but ONLY for circumstances where there is an actual flawed/damaged situation outside of our policies for such. Before placing your order, please be aware of this policy!

(rates updated a/o Oct. 3, 2021)

We ship USPS priority shipping for both domestic and international shipments.

As of Sept 2020, we are now automatically adding insurance coverage for ALL packages!! The cost of this insurance will be in addition to the normal shipping rates as described below. It’s a very small additional charge, but we feel it’s necessary to protect costly packages in the event they are lost/stolen/damaged in transit.

Domestic Shipping:
$9.90 padded flat rate mailer (1-2 yards) – $15.85 priority medium box (3-8 yards) – $21.60 priority large box (9 -14 yards)
Int’l Shipping (Canada): $29.30 padded flat rate mailer (1-2 yards) – $55.35 priority medium box (3-8 yards) – $71.75 priority large box (9-14 yards)
Int’l Shipping (Mexico): $36.25 padded flat rate mailer (1-2 yards) – $80.40 priority medium box (3-8 yards) – $104.65 priority large box (9-14 yards)
Int’l Shipping (All other countries):
$41.30 padded flat rate mailer (1-2 yards) – $95.00 priority medium box (3-8 yards) – $118.60 priority large box (9-14)

Again…THANK YOU!!!